What is Botkeeper?

Botkeeper gives computerized accounting backing to Accounting firms and organizations by utilizing a ground-breaking mix of gifted bookkeepers, AI and man-made consciousness. Customers get all day, every day bookkeeping and backing just as inconceivable knowledge into their financials with intelligent dashboards and limitless revealing. Botkeeper’s Accounting Partners can develop their book of business and offer great types of assistance to their customers, expanding their capacity to take on new customers, all while getting precious stone clean financials at charge time-all while diminishing overhead. Botkeeper is the lone arrangement of its sort, going about as a power multiplier for entrepreneurs and Accounting firms.



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  • easy to use
  • beginner friendly
  • "I like the accuracy and availability to access our books."
  • "It helps you save time and let you focus on doing the stuff that drives your business. For example, it can help send invoices to the customer and email them reminders when it comes due
  • "The software is easy to navigate helping to make my role more manageable


  • price too high
  • Their client portal is a little lacking technology upgrades but still works pretty well. "
  • There were a lot of glitches with the onboarding, but they resolved every one of them in a reasonable amount of time. Some of the glitches weren't their fault. "
  • Took some "training" to get them onboard on complex accounting set ups, but once learned, it has been smooth